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The Authors

Libby and Betty met through church and the friendship of their daughters. Working together in church activities such as with the youth group, Christmas plays, and in a United Methodist Women’s Circle helped develop a common ground. In addition, there was an antique and collectibles stage when much scouring of flea markets and yard sales took place and the pair maintained a booth at a local antique mall. Overlapping this was a crafts making period when many “found” objects took on a new life, especially old rusted anything and everything, which was nailed to barn board birdhouses. This was the most fun of any of the joint projects the two had undertaken until the cookbook / storybook, which has been an adventure they’ll never forget! In fact, they plan to be the most entertaining two old ladies in the nursing home with anecdotes and tales of mishaps on the road.


After retiring from working thirty-two years in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, Libby Bondurant was ready to explore new avenues. She loves to travel and meet new people, making the compilation of this book a great adventure. Quilting, crafting, and spending time with family are some of her favorite pastimes. She and husband, Dickey, have a son and a daughter and now are especially enjoying the company of their first granddaughter.


Betty has been an avid reader and lover of the written word as far back as she can remember, but did not begin writing until mid-life. She has written for a number of regional magazines. While writing an article about The Crooked Road – Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail, an idea formed that food and storytelling were part and parcel of the mountain heritage, along with music. That notion was the impetus to traveling ten Southwest Virginia counties and compiling the cookbook/storybook. She and husband, Robert, have three children and three grandchildren that they are extremely proud of.

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